One Wellness Center

We are a
holistic clinic focused
on helping clients

“Get Well, Be Well and Stay Well”.

About One Wellness

The One Wellness Center is a fully licensed, ultra-modern, integrated Fertility and Wellness clinic providing the latest in healthcare services.
Located in the heart of Lagos, at the iconic The Number One Building, the One Wellness Center has created a serene environment, complete with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment, in order to offer its clients a unique and holistic approach to wellbeing. Your peace of mind is a top priority at the One Wellness Center and that’s why we offer timely turnaround on procedure outcomes and investigative reports, as well as strict compliance with global and national medical ethics and confidentiality standards.

Why Us

Equipped for results

From the first consultation to post-procedure care, the One Wellness Centre is equipped to ease any fears patients typically have when undergoing investigative and therapeutic healthcare services with state-of-the-art equipment overseen by the expert, professional staff.

Global Expertise

Our specialists are trained and certified, having global experience and bringing years of research and knowledge to provide effective reproductive, and wellness solutions, after detailed consultation. The clinical team is committed to replicating the success stories recorded in other countries, in Nigeria.

Our Services

Every service has been carefully curated for maximum value and the best outcome. We offer:

Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Joe Khalifeh

Fertility Specialist

Pamela Bazi


Dr. Jean Nassar

Fertility Specialist

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